Protegé.dev Contributors!

Here at Protegé, we're only as strong as the community that surrounds us and that we aim to serve.

Below is a list of amazing individuals from that community who have personally donated their time and efforts to improving our platform. We're incredibly grateful that anyone would take time out of their day to lend us a helping hand and we welcome anyone who wants to aid in our mission.

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  • Seth Hall avatar
    Seth Hall
    46 Commits
  • Nick Taylor avatar
    Nick Taylor
    34 Commits
  • Sara McCombs avatar
    Sara McCombs
    12 Commits
  • Forrest Hayes avatar
    Forrest Hayes
    8 Commits
  • Logan McCamon avatar
    Logan McCamon
    6 Commits
  • André Gama avatar
    André Gama
    6 Commits
  • Otto Gutierrez avatar
    Otto Gutierrez
    5 Commits
  • Andrea Martz avatar
    Andrea Martz
    5 Commits
  • Courtney Landau avatar
    Courtney Landau
    4 Commits
  • Alberto Pérez de Rada Fiol avatar
    Alberto Pérez de Rada Fiol
    3 Commits
  • Laurent avatar
    3 Commits
  • Bogdan Covrig avatar
    Bogdan Covrig
    2 Commits
  • Dan Ott avatar
    Dan Ott
    2 Commits
  • Jane Tracy Muthoni avatar
    Jane Tracy Muthoni
    2 Commits
  • JLeikam avatar
    2 Commits
  • Karen Dickenson avatar
    Karen Dickenson
    2 Commits
  • Sean Washington avatar
    Sean Washington
    2 Commits
  • AshikPaul42 avatar
    1 Commit
  • Aurelie Verrot avatar
    Aurelie Verrot
    1 Commit
  • BekahHW avatar
    1 Commit
  • Jen Kennedy avatar
    Jen Kennedy
    1 Commit
  • Joseph Huynh avatar
    Joseph Huynh
    1 Commit
  • Lucia Cerchie avatar
    Lucia Cerchie
    1 Commit
  • Marie Antons avatar
    Marie Antons
    1 Commit
  • Will Lai avatar
    Will Lai
    1 Commit
  • NelsonDev avatar
    1 Commit
  • Sean McPherson avatar
    Sean McPherson
    1 Commit
  • BitMasher avatar
    Special Commit
  • bkegley avatar
    Special Commit
  • Nick Quebbeman avatar
    Nick Quebbeman
    Special Commit


  • Drew Clements avatar
    Drew Clements
    679 Commits
  • Andy Pickle avatar
    Andy Pickle
    84 Commits